Learn more about SARMS and chest exercises

Strength School – larger chest muscles and SARMS

Do not tighten the T-shirt as much as you can about the chest, so the help is close. We give you 6 effective breast exercises as well as information about the most popular Specific androgen receptor modulators (SARMs)

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This training program gives you 6 exercises that focus in particular on building bigger, stronger and more beautiful chest muscles. A couple of dumbbells and half an hour are all you need to get effective home training.

Therefore, you should do breast exercises

A well-trained chest makes you look big and strong. Therefore, bench press and other chest exercises are among the most popular in the fitness centers. And it’s not just for the sake that you need to strengthen the breast muscles, because it’s muscles you use diligently every single day. Their primary task is to relieve the shoulder and push the arms in front of the body.

HOW TO DO: The Classic: Make 3-4 sets of each exercise with a 45-90 second break between the sets. Be sure to increase the load continuously so that you get variation in the program and keep challenging your body. The break will typically be a bit longer as the load is set. »Week 1-2: 12-15 Repetitions per. set. »Week 3-4: 9-12 repetitions per. set. »Week 5: 6-9 repetitions per. set.

For exercises where you only use body weight, you must perform as many repetitions as you can. The fast: Is the time short, or you want to push more on the fitness, then you can run the training program according to the circle principle. Take 2 or 3 of the exercises in a row (1 set of each exercise) before pause.

Once you’ve been through all the exercises, start over again. It feels harder to run more exercises in a row and you will be significantly more puffed. However, do not start to make hard circles before you are completely safe at the exercise and the technique is correct.
You need to do your chest exercises

Two dumbbells with removable washers, so you can adjust the weight. You will need a total of approx. 40 kg slices in different sizes. Incline bench press (oblique bench press) relieves stress on chest, but the entire chest is still exercised in addition to shoulder and triceps.

If you borrow me five minutes of your time, I will explain what incline is (and is not) how I use it in my programming, and finally a bit about the technique. Finally, as a small dessert, I will briefly add to dumbbells.


Incline bench press has a reputation for being a disk pumping exercise. If you’re in a commercial center, you’ve probably heard Billy-Bob-Broscience talk wide and wide about how it “lifts” the chest, “counteracts hanger breaks” and much more.

As with most broscience there is a small touch of truth in it, but primarily a good joke of madness and oversimplification. Before we go deeper, we’ll just have a classic myth kicked to the corner:

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