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A stance supported by the devs themselves. Naked in bed video. Ellie is characterized as "[s]trong, witty, and a little rough around the edges". Is ellie lesbian. Even if they do end up having some kind of relationship, at least one half of the couple … has to die at the end.

Because apparently everyone on here who doesn't want Ellie to be gay knows a guy who knows a guy who knows a girl who makes out with girls and is still straight, so that has to be how Ellie is too. I'm not sure what kind of signs you would expect to see, she showed no interest in Riley's guy friends, as was indicated in the dialogue exchanges between the two.

I must stop you right there, in your tracks. I ain't even mad. And no, i disagree with you: She is seen wearing it during the festival, but zoomed-in screenshots reveal that Ellie is wearing the same bracelet when she is violently murdering her attackers.

What scares you so much seeing other people represented in games? If you skip that part,everything else was absolutely amazing,epic and unforgettable.

Nonetheless, come on Klock; I haven't seen much of him except for him opposing your input and egotistical attitude. It's okay to let a character mean more to someone else than it does to you. All pedo marks aside, she is 14 years old, freckled, flat chested, foul mouthed girl. Milf hunter big ass. Which luckily for us it's Naughty Dog, they value their characters, their development, and their stories and have carefully crafted Ellie's. Five months later, it refused trans activist Travis Alabanza from entering a female changing room.

As to the whole "she wasn't attracted to Sam, therefore she's gay" thing--just because girl A isn't attracted to guy B doesn't mean that they're gay. I salute Druckmann for making it happen.

The Last of Us. Jason Killingsworth of Edge praised Ellie's complexity and commended Naughty Dog for not having made her "a subordinate Bruce Straley said "Who's care or neither.

Both kinds inspire greater diversity in our games. And I wouldn't say a T-shirt and jeans constitutes men's clothing. I want to see a lesbian character and we got to in Left Behind but saying that she is gay is off to some people. Initially annoyed by Joel's surliness, Ellie begins to feel a strong attachment to him.

It would have been fanservice to pair her up with a guy. Johnson made important contributions to Ellie's character development. Some of those commenters are ridiculous. Self-actualising story review and all those comments beneath that video where people are having similar debate. It is expected that people will die in a zombie apocalypse, but with so few LGBTQ characters already, can the community really spare another one?

Found 3 or 4 reasons you said Ellie or Riley are gay in the comic,American Dreams from the first comic till the last comic.

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Kill la Kill Volume 2. Naughty Dog have proven themselves to be excellent story tellers. Pics of naked goth girls. Druckmann described the game as a coming of age story for Ellie, in which she adopts the qualities of a survivor.

Retrieved April 28, And then there's the fact that, you know, the creator of the characters says that she is gay. Sorry, I don't know what video it was from so I can't reference it.

Truth is we know nothing for sure about Part II outside of the teaser. I mean come on,you had a gay character already in the game,you made a point,but Retrieved February 22, This page was last edited on 24 Juneat I don't want to speak for Neil, because he is the bomb, but I think he's gonna do what ever he wants, and so far it has made a few of the best five games I have ever played.

I mean before "Left behind" most of us,if not all,had the idea that Riley was just Ellie's best friend and that's all. If so, I feel like you shouldn't worry about stuff like that. She repeatedly stabs one man in the neck, and then attempts to take out a few more, but ends up getting spotted during a fight in an underpass. I don't get the whole women being fluid with their sexuality thing. I'd assume she was Bisexual.

You wouldn't see a straight man joking about gay things, in the same sense that you wouldn't see a gay joking about straight things. Blowjob girl college humor. Is ellie lesbian. A lot of people seem to have differing opinions on the matter though, and Druckmann has said that it can be left open to interpretation, even though he doesn't agree with those interpretations: Try the Contact Page.

In the first part, Ellie is at a dance, watching her girlfriend dance with some guy. Just take the story as-is. And I wouldn't say a T-shirt and jeans constitutes men's clothing.

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I agree that you can find her attractive if you are around here age What understanding does Druckmann need exactly? Initially annoyed by Joel's surliness, Ellie begins to feel a strong attachment to him. When I think of Ellie, I think of the most electric days of my life, my youth as a dyke coming into my own; of Tuesday nights that wreaked of possibility. Amazon Prime Day Retrieved April 22, I did-some of them. It is Ellie and Riley relationship or Ellie's sexuality?

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