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Indeed, the purple cat waltz over to the park bench and took a seat next to his former team mate, Amy Rose. Then he took a look at his own member, and then at Cosmo's vagina, in attempt to put the puzzle pieces together. Big boob lesbian cops 2. Cosmo the seedrian nude. Cosmo blushed, still slightly panting as she turned her head aback to look into his face.

He started caress them, then slowly headed down her body, holding her breasts and down to her stomach. Several questions still flooded the fox's head. Cosmo kept going until Tails could feel that something was about to burst out of him. However, Cosmo had plans with him before that happened…She continued for another minute or two before her pumping motion teasingly slowed down then came to a stop.

Cosmo gasped and moaned from the pleasure he was giving her, making her suck his member even faster. DaroMoon Member 2 years ago. Did Amy or Cream make you feel like this? Cosmo got the idea and lifted herself up until only the tip of his member was inside, then dropped her body back on his waist, forcing his entire erection into her vagina once again.

You have such a gentle touch. Bbw milf dating. But he controlled these urges, knowing that when making love, 'the journey was more important than the destination', so to speak. I mean can you carry out a child at this age? Chapter 2 As the sun raised, a blood stained creature stretched awake.

As he kept going, Cosmo started to move her hips again, sliding her body horizontally left and right, allowing Tails to keep sucking her nipple but still giving him pleasure as well. As Cosmo felt something was being pressed against her pelvis, and seeing the way Tails started to blush, she had an idea what it might be.

The young girl looked up at his face at his questions, and as she made out who was in front of her, she immediately jumped up and wrapped him in her arms, holding him in a tight embrace. Tails couldn't help but laugh at her as she tried to keep her balance yet still fell off the board.

Both of them let out gasps and moans, making pleasurable facial expressions as Cosmo moved up and down. As Tails was laying on the bed, Cosmo leaned close to him and rested her head on his soft, fluffy chest and slowly moved her fingers through his soft white chest fur, of which she loved the touch of. We now have a Discord servercome talk to us! By now Cosmo was continuously moaning, arousing Tails even more.

Cosmo the seedrian nude

They went along the length of her right shoulder, brushing against her soft, silky skin before reaching the back of her neck. Cosmo yawned a little, "yeah I guess I'm a little tired. And what a celebration it was. It had shut off. Cosmo reached her hand again and grabbed his member.

When he brought his fingers to her mouth for the final time, with the last remains of his warm, sticky cum on them, she gave his fingers a few loving, gentle sucks before she let him pull them out.

She slowly reached for one of them and placed her hand on it. 80s big tits. After that was said, neither of them said a word, just gazed into each others' eyes, enjoying the sight of it after all the long time they were separated.

Your review has been posted. From all this, Cosmo felt that she was becoming more and more wet; she started to slowly move her hips in a circular motion, gently rubbing her pussy against the soft fur of his stomach.

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When Tails took his eyes off of her blushing expression and looked down, he saw as his long, thick member kept disappearing and reappearing from her sweet, tight little pussy in a faster and faster pace.

Tails loved the feeling of her tight cheeks against his cock gently going up and down along his length. Lesbian big tits asian. I've never done this before. He'd of course built it himself.

She soon brought her hands to her breasts, fondling them a little before heading down along her body, moving them slowly over her chest, waist and hips before finally arriving at her buttocks. They went along the length of her right shoulder, brushing against her soft, silky skin before reaching the back of her neck.

Cosmo let out a long moan at this, feeling his hands still gently fondle her butt, holding her close as he slowly moved his mouth in circles on her pussy during the kiss. He wanted to touch her chest so much, but he'd promised he'd wait until after their marriage, which would be in a couple of months.

Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Tails blushed at this, but he closed his eyes and kissed back, not stopping slowly pumping his cock in and out of her. Giving her nipple a last little lick, Tails moved to her left breast, giving it the same treatment; showering it with loving, soft kisses. Cosmo the seedrian nude. He was so happy that Cosmo was with him again that he never realized that she was indeed the last living seedrian.

Sonic had just arrived and went to the front desk. Is ruby rose a lesbian. He didn't want to frighten her with it. Someone he knew but never expected to see again… "C. Cosmo smiled at him and continued to slowly ride on his member. If the subject uses either of those words your record was either deleted or has been downgraded from a negative to a neutral. Tails indeed reached his climax, and Sonic's prediction was proven to be true.

She continued riding his member but as she did so, she slowly started to move her back, hip and waist as well, making her entire torso move in a wave-like fashion, starting from her back, going down her waist to her hip before reaching her shapely ass.

After about an hour of flight, he tested everything he wanted to and thought it was time to head back home. She kept looking over her shoulder, slightly turning her back to watch either Tails' expression and on it, his reactions to her moves or her own butt, watching as it went up and down, bouncing on his cock. It was a beautiful summer day for flying.

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He lost something very dear to him on that day. I was too shy to tell you. Girls fucking each other porn. Cosmo would never know her serious big sister had been done things that would have shocked the younger plant girl.

Cosmo let out muffled moans during their tongue wrestling kiss as his finger made little circles over her wet lips, as if waiting for an invitation to enter. Tails kept his hand just barely an inch above her pussy lips, making stationary circles for long seconds. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

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Myanmar girl get fuck Cosmo didn't answer, she just simply nodded, keeping her cute smile.
Hot lesbian squirt porn She blushed at this and gave his member one last lick along its shaft before at the end of the lick, she slid its head inside her mouth, wrapping her soft lips around it. Story Story Writer Forum Community. You need to be logged in to leave a review for this story.
FREE XXX MILF PORN MOVIES They gazed into each others blushing face, watching the other gasp and moan as Tails kept going.

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