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People had no idea he was screwing a year-old and many would have been disgusted. If you consider women's sex to be a "priced procession" that's only good to serve societal value, you are the dumb-ass that's brainwashed by these whole patriarchy crap. Blonde milf fuck son. Lori mattix nude. And Mandy has been celibate since When she said that Elvis Costello was beautiful?!

It would have been an awesome coincidence if her name was Roxanne. It's bad enough Lori Maddox was14; stop saying " Megan Moore November 8, at 5: I think of myself at 14,16 and I wouldn't have at all been ready for a relationship with a grown man especially one with significant influence.

Like sailors, "a girl in every port". The fallout in the comments section is, predictably, highly charged and polarized. But the unacceptable action is firing that particular gun in the first place. Clearly to Lori, it wasn't just "casual sex" with Jimmy Page. Thank goodness for that. Goa nude video. While we make monsters out of people who do bad things, we turn every single one of us into Tinkerbell- only able to feel one thing at a time.

You have itI m tired of fame. Arguably the worst outcome of all was that the experience turned her into a Roman Catholic pro-lifer. The most notorious rock stars may have made their admissions before the conversation around consent began, but the younger fan demographic is unlikely to see such antics as excusable. If those events had occurred in California, the film would be depicting felony statutory rape.

Bill dated a 13 year old Mandy Smith. The age of consent is not something established by the laws of nature, it is something that varies all over the map, from 13 or 14 in some European countries to 18 or even 21 in some cases over the last few decades. The reality, now The Manson murders changed everything. The reason age of consent laws are in place is because the human brain is not fully developed at that point, a fact which wipes the floor with any arguments about "willing consent".

Reply Parent Thread Expand Link. He just used her as a groupie when the band was around in LA. David Hamilton made many films, like Bilithis and Laura, which played in movie theatres. That wasand since she was born inthat means she was very likely 14 already. Naked girls in a limo. Stephen King is not art, The Ragged Philanthophist is. I dated one of the band members for awhile. He WAS a pedo

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When you start to think about music and sex in those terms, it changes your idea of what it means to be a groupie. Anthony weiner nude pics. The notion that someone is innocent and unable to consent until age 17 or 18 is a modern construct.

Having read a few articles about this, I do wonder whether or not Bowie was aware of the age of the girl. I say that R but also noticed a lot of the groupies didn't have big tits and all where very thin but I think I'm looking through eyes used to big inflated bolt on tits and either fat girls or too toned. Therefore all the TEEN MOM and 16 and Pregnant shows should be considered horrible and taken off the air instead of having teen pregnancy and statutory rape celebrated because at least a few of the pregnancies involved statutory rape.

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The media lapped them up, being this young and adored by older men was normalised and they adored older men which too was normalised. She gets to feel like it was good and we have to respect that. Lori mattix nude. Guys fall in love much easier than girls do. Bill dated a 13 year old Mandy Smith. I went to high school from 78 to That was pretty much what I did all of last night. Mature aunty nude photos. Along with a bunch of other people denying that it happened at all. When they went on their honeymoon, Lewis' new bride Myra still believed in Santa Claus.

Along with underage groupies, a bunch of sleazball men appeared on the scene as well. Some names have been changed. Plus age of consent in many states is Report a bad ad experience. Yes, and those all those "little" girls were crazy in lust with those long-haired rockers of that era. Hell, even for the rock stars it's also heartbreaking.

Even guys find him attractive. She was old enough to know right from wrong and consequences. Young naked drunk girls. It was all young groupies and bottomfeeder types. Like I said those girls weren't forced to even be there, and if they weren't happy I'm sure the girls' parents or the girls themselves would have gone to the police. Sex with 13 and 14 year old children is rape. That is screwed up too. In other eras it was not uncommon for young men and women as young as 13 to be married and to have children.

I find it skeevy, but the past is the past. The middle-class "silent majority" was horrified, and believed that their kids were in danger of the girl in "Go Ask Alice", and as I said above, they were afraid that if they ever tried to say "no" to their hellspawn then the kids would run away and turn tricks for heroin instead of going to college.

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