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Adiron Dack Outpost is an American business and information magazine, published by ADO Media. The magazine, is being published online and have a circulation of 9,460 e-copies and 93,000 readers.

The magazine was founded in 1985 as Exchange News magazine and got its current name when it was taken over by ADO Media in 2017 when the former owner, Klein, had announced that it planned to close down the magazine. The magazine brought analyzes, news and background information on companies, business leaders and policy. The magazine published annually with a gold number devoted to the largest companies in US.

The magazine was starting in December 2011 discontinued as a separate magazine and then a section in ADO Media called business as weekly inserts and in the newspaper’s Internet edition.

The History of This Magazine

The magazine’s history can be traced back to the member magazine The Engineer of the newly established American Society of Engineers (ASE), first published on July 2, 1985. In 1937, ending three technical college unions together and form-Engineering Association, and their leaves turn from 1938 to Engineering and Building Service, which is published every two weeks.

The two magazines are now competing on the same subject area and advertisers. “magazine war” intensified in 1969, when both organizations start sending their magazines to the other association members, giving rise to some head shaking among engineers. It stands on until 1975, when the two magazines finally mergers, and the latest incarnation of the news magazine Adiron Dack Outpost sees the light. In 1995 merged unions American Society of Engineers and the Engineering-Association for Engineering Association in America, which today is the main owner of media house engineer.

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Our Website

The engineer has assigned a site AdironDackOutpost.com who started in December 1994 was one of the first American sites. In addition to articles containing the discussion forum and job listings.

In 2006 blogs started t be an important part of AdironDackOutpost.com. These blogs are considering today topics such as energy, business, hobbies and environment, biotech, robotics, nanotechnology, aerospace, food technology, cars, fundamental science and mathematics, management and coaching with more.

In June 2017, the whole website revamped with new CMS system and layout.

AdironDackOutpost.com is a very active website with more than 5,000 users each month (2013).